A Fishing Trip

On the weekend of May sixth, I took part in a fishing expedition! I was invited by Hilde’s parents, both members of the Jøa Kystlag, or local coastal organization. On Friday evening, amid glassy waters, the eleven other crew members and I set out aboard the Straumingen (a 1955 fishing boat that the Kystlag keeps in working order). Our destination? Nordøyan, a tiny island three hours away. We were to shelter in the harbor at night and fish during the day. (Of yore, thousands of fishermen arrived from far and wide to fish in the rich waters surrounding the island. They sold their catch on Nordøyan, before heading home). Ship life proved novel and thrilling. My previous boating experience was limited to very small motor boats or huge ferries. This was something different entirely. I had my own fisherwoman outfit and life vest, and slept below deck in a dear little berth.

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Lambing Season

April 29, 2016

Gamboling, bouncing lambs!
Lambing season is well underway. Two thirds of the 120 ewes have already given birth. The lambs dash and spring and leap sideways. They frisk and cuddle and bleat. Some even nestle on their mother’s back. In the evening, the barn is a scene of cosy bliss. Curly white forms lie snuggled down in the straw — sometimes all in a jumble —, eyes closed, mouth half-smiling. How cute!

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Farming in Norway

April 25, 2016

Intrepid explorer, I find myself presently in the airport of Trondheim Vaernes, Norway, awaiting my next mode of transportation.

I’ve been absent from this blog for quite some time, so a little catching-up is in order. In February and March, I spent three weeks Wwoofing on an organic sheep farm on the Norwegian island of Jøa. I am now headed back for an extra month. Continue reading