The Foundling – Georgette Heyer

Aah, another book by the talented Georgette Heyer*! Mom and I discovered her a few months ago at the secondhand bookstore. We both enjoyed that first find (Friday’s Child) so much that one of us was quasi doomed to receive a Heyer for Christmas.


In The Foundling, the mollycoddled Duke of Sale dreams of anonymity. When his younger cousin admits to being blackmailed for breach of promise, his Grace takes matters into his own hands. Unaccompanied, he sets out as Mr. Dash of Nowhere in Particular to confront the extortionist and his rejected niece.

This being Mom’s Christmas present, she did get to read it before me. She sat giggling in the sofa and stayed up late to finish it, so I knew it had to be good.
More than that, this book is simply not what you expect. Do not—as I was—be deceived by the slightly soppy cover. There I was, cup of tea at the ready, prepared to let my heart pitter-patter as I read of love notes and elegant balls. But no! In this truly original story, Heyer depicts vivid characters, employs plot twists galore, and wraps it all up in humor. My favorite Georgette Heyer yet.

*Georgette Heyer (1904-1972). Detective and historical romance novelist. Known for her creation of the Regency romance genre. (And for her great love of chocolate éclairs.)


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