Wild Brussels!

Forêt de Soignes - Brussels' Oasis.

Forêt de Soignes – Brussels’ Oasis.

Brussels is a city of unexpected wildlife. In the space of two days, I have seen both a lone fox and a colony of bats (also a documentary about swifts, but that is irrelevant). Though these sightings are not the stuff of safaris, to me they feel exotic. Amid cobblestones, cars and buildings, animals enchant me; their encounter is a step into a fairytale.

As I was saying, on Monday evening I met a fox on luxurious Avenue Louise. He waited for the green light and crossed ahead of us pedestrians. As the approaching tram 93 caught him in its headlights, he slunk into the bushes and disappeared into the funnel of night. I surmise he was returning home from window-shopping, where he had considered the purchase of a lavender shirt from Degand.

My second wildlife encounter occurred at dusk. As the last rays of sun caressed the clouds, a colony of bats spent the better part of an hour swooping and fluttering and flitting about my window. Flitting about against the horizon, a beautiful sight to drink in, along with a twinkling purple-blue dusk.


2 thoughts on “Wild Brussels!

  1. Funny, the memory I have of Avenue Louise also has to do with animals, or at least their fur. In a shop window was a full length white fur coat, with little white tails hanging all over it. Just as I was thinking, “Who would ever wear a coat like that?”, a lady walked by, wearing the exact same coat.

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