Back in Brussels: I Must Remember…


In Bremen.

I’ve been back in Brussels for three weeks. In addition to really really missing all my German friends, I have to get used to things in Brussels again.
First off, it’s handy to remember that here, people speak French! The first week back, my instinct was to greet everyone in German. Walking behind two people in the street, I was quite surprised when they began conversing auf Französisch!
Secondly, my legs must adapt themselves to the mountainous terrain. In Northern Germany, there is not a hill — nor even a hint of a slope — in sight. My calves had forgotten what it was like to scale the streets of Brussels. (It’s all relative!)
Finally, I must remember to greet people, not with a bone-squishing hug nor a firm handshake, but rather with a polite peck on the cheek.
Oh and I am now allowed to cross on a red light without fear of public reprimand. Yay.


2 thoughts on “Back in Brussels: I Must Remember…

  1. Tiens, ça me rappelle mon retour… ! 🙂 J’espère que tout vas bien pour toi!
    Ces belles photos et ces dessins esquissés sont fort sympathiques, continue!

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