Organic Tales + Important News

NEWS !!!!! Last week, I passed my driving test !!!
That was something I had to mention. It’s very momentous, and I’m so happy and relieved!

It was rainy, but I successfully worked the windshield wipers without pressing all sorts of other buttons. I parallel parked. I completed an un-illegal U-Turn (hehe to all Andy Griffith fans). I conquered the stick shift. HA! Elation!

Now for some Organic Tales…

Work at the organic grocery store — henceforth Organic Place — is full of quiet moments and hectic moments, missing tomatoes and moldy lemons, helpful clients and hurried people, spilled beet juice and free seed bombs.

I shall share but two quirky stories from the past week.

Story n°1 : Last Monday, a mom came in with her son, aged three or four. Organic Place’s boss walked up and said hello to the kid.
“Did you go to school today?” he asked. “How was it? What did you learn?” The boy, with big eyes and a solemn face, looked up at us from under his bike helmet. He said nothing, and I assumed that he was too shy to answer. Then his mouth started working, as if about to speak. He frowned up at us.
“At home, I have a pirate umbrella,” he said. And that was all he was about to say.

The Opportunist Chocolate Raid

The Opportunist Chocolate Raid

Story n°2 : Later in the week, we underwent a power cut about half an hour before closing time. The whole store was plunged into darkness, with only the emergency lighting by which to operate.
At the time there were about four customers in the store. After having located the cash register key, we conducted business by candlelight, running about the store to check prices and adding them up with a calculator.

Et voilà, those are the quirkiest happenings of late. Er, well, no. The weirdest moment was probably being asked if we sold snail-saliva handcream.
It’s all in a day’s work!


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