Mysteries Yet Unsolved

In which I conquer exams, explore untamed wilderness, and stumble upon muddling mysteries.

Last Friday I underwent my last exam.
Three glorious months of summer stretch ahead of me.

A lovely scene in the woods.

To celebrate my first day of summerness, I spent the whole morning doing nothing — it felt wonderful. Then I set out for the woods.

I saw lots of voles again— I’m dubious as to how honed their survival skills are; they tend to run across the path right when I’m approaching.

A new chipmunk-friend.

I ambled about in the sunshine and birdsong, and that was the extent of my day, apart from buying a baguette and poppyseeds.
I will now leave you with two mysteries to ponder.


The case of the Bunch of Rusted Keys

Firstly, the case of the Bunch of Rusted Keys. I found them hooked onto a broken fence. The mundane answer would be that someone dropped them long ago, someone else picked them up, and they’ve hung there ever since. Well, yes, but that’s just a tad boring, isn’t it? What other reasons can you come up with? Here are two of mine, just to get your creative juices flowing. Case 1 : The Fairytale. Deep in the woods, a woman is imprisoned in a hollow oak, guarded by an army of woodpeckers (not a dragon, dragons are so banal). The keys are a memorial to the many suitors, deceased in their vain attempt to rescue her.
Case 2 : The Conspiracy. The keys conceal a camera, hidden there by the government in order to detect potential red-squirrel-rebellion.

My second mystery is of a botanical nature. There’s this one spot in the woods — the Pooh Bridge, we call it, but that’s another story — that’s overgrown with alien plants. They look like feathery asparagus. The total effect is ethereal, hazy and soft. Does anyone have any idea what this plant is called? This would answer many months of wondering. (Featured are some scientific illustrations to help you along).

AsparagusPlantBW   AsparagusPlantMystical


Have a great day, wherever you are (even if it’s not in the woods)!


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